New Team Mission

Ultimate Gymnastics’ mission is to promote self-esteem and create self-confidence in children through the discipline of gymnastics. Our goal is to provide our gymnasts with an experience that will serve as a positive model to be followed as they meet challenging obstacles throughout life. We will not sacrifice a child’s self worth in order to reach competitive goals. We believe that a
child’s self worth is not based on their performance.

New Team Philosophy

When selecting a gymnast’s placement for our team program, a decision is based on where we believe she will be most safe and successful. Within each level, our gymnasts are expected to practice and perform at a higher standard than the minimum requirements at each level. Therefore, we are always training above and beyond each child’s competitive level so that each child is given an equal opportunity to progress. As a gymnast progresses through the levels their work ethic and self motivation requirements increase. The coaches at each level work to encourage and motivate each gymnast to perform to their personal best.

Out of Town Conditioning

If you want to be able to do your gymnastics skills when you return You must condition while you are gone! You should do 2 exercises for each body part every day!

Arms Stomach Legs
3 sets of 20 push ups – Elbows back 3 sets of 45 Tuck & Hollows 3 sets of 30 Frog Jumps
3 sets of 20 push ups – Elbows out 3 sets of 15 v-ups 5 sets of 30 mnt climb
3 sets of 25 dips on a bath tub 3 sets of 30 hollow body rocks 4 sets of 40 toe raises
Handstand hold (30 sec) against a wall Hollow body hold w/ arms up (45 sec)
Back Butt Endurance
3 sets of 25 arch ups 3 sets of 20 butt kicks Run in place for 2 minutes
3 sets of 25 arch rocks Draw the alphabet on each leg Swim 10 laps
Arch hold for 45 seconds 3 sets of 25 leg bounces Walk a mile
Ride your bike for 20 minutes
3 sets of 40 tuck jumps on trampoline